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Melissa Beach

Partner, Chief Marketing & Development Officer
Compass_09.jpgMelissa Beach forged her own path through a difficult industry in a short amount of time. Melissa is currently the Executive Director of Traill County Economic Development Commission in eastern North Dakota. She has been with the organization for nearly 10 years, and has quickly risen through the ranks of the state's economic development professionals. Dedicated to doing what is right and developing local projects on a budget, Melissa has developed quality relationships to ensure projects are completed. 

Melissa has a variety of experience including organizational management, branding, advertising, leadership development and financial packaging. Melissa has never been afraid of a challenge or intimidated by expectations. She began helping her family on their farm when she was very young, learned to drive heavy equipment (tractors, trucks and construction equipment) when she was a teenager, and still enjoys jumping in to help when needed. When asked, she'll tell you her greatest learning experiences were not in a classroom, but on the farm, working with her family - asking questions and using real life experience to solve problems. It was there that Melissa learned that every question is an opportunity to learn, and every experience leads to something greater.

With Compass, Melissa works with overall company operation, overall sales & marketing, product research, public relations, market research, company development & growth, company innovation, customer marketing accounts, business planning, copy writing, artistic design & management and marketing customer relations.

Melissa and her husband, Josh, live in rural Hillsboro, North Dakota with their three children, Easton, Bergen and Briggs.

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