About Compass

At Compass we navigate beyond the traditional agency concepts to facilitate the success of our clients. Whether your focus is growth, cost or a new business model, we utilize Compass talents and tools to optimize your organization's marketing tactics, revenue growth, leadership effectiveness, employee productivity, talent management, customer value and business processes. 

When we founded Compass in 2014, many companies we worked with were struggling to fund specific aspects of their business. When it came down to it, these owners wanted to stick to what they knew best. We came from organizations where marketing, advertising and financial management were critical to every business, regardless of the size or the industry. We wanted to bring our form of strategic and tactical services to our customers. Compass has grown from two partners to a dynamic team of consultants. We continue to evolve and now compliment our marketing and advertising with graphic design, technology capabilities, financial experience and company and non-profit management experience. We are your one-stop-shop with an incredibly talented and experienced team.

About Our Team

Compass was founded in 2014 by two women with much different backgrounds. After working together for another entity, the two realized they had some core values in common - hard work, determination, the ambition to learn and a keen interest in new challenges.


Melissa Beach, Partner, Chief Marketing & Development Officer  

Jessica Spaeth, Partner, Chief Financial & Technical Officer

Jamie Hennen, Consultant

Troy Anderson, Consultant 

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